1x Instagram Growth & Automation

From: $213.30 every 3 months with a 3-day free trial

After registering for the service you will be taken to a short questionnaire that will allow us to begin setting up our team for you. Don’t worry, this is nothing intrusive and is simply in place to ensure that we can begin within 24 hours along with the username and password to your account.

NOTE: We only require the username and password to log into your account from behind the scenes to set up our team. We will not be posting or editing your profile in any way and will not view any existing content / direct messages. We only require back-end access.

You may also see your feed “change” while we execute our strategy. This change in the images that you see within your feed may only be temporary and is only in place to benefit the growth of your account.

Here’s what you’re getting today

  • Account Manager
  • Targeted Hashtags
  • Targeted Similar Users
  • Targeted Competitors
  • 10 Hours Per Week Of Organic Growth 
  • Dedicated Research Team
  • Competitor Targeting Manager 
  • Growth Via Instagram Story Views
  • Geolocation Targeting